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Sell More Tickets! 
With Less Admin!

Do you want to sell more tickets without the headache of extra admin? We have a solution for your shuttle or bus service.

Our platform handles payments, reserves seats, manages discounts, generates invoices, and provides financial reports—all within a turnkey solution that can be customized to fit your needs.

Efficiency & Reliability

End to end Management

Seamless Bookings


Empowering Your Shuttle or Bus Service

Managing a shuttle or bus service can be resource-intensive. Handling bookings, drivers, routes, and schedules often ties up a lot of your resources.

The great news is that we have a solution that can manage all of this for you. Our system frees up your resources and enables you to sell more tickets efficiently.



Trublo Passenger Bookings is the perfect solution for Shuttle or Bus services. Our platform offers a wide range of features tools to optimize the management of complex routes, provide all-in-one solutions, offer simple bookings, and leverage smart pricing tools. Let us help you streamline your operations and improve your customer experience.

Unified Booking Platform

Unified Booking Platform

Our platform seamlessly integrates customer and consultant bookings, offering a singular, efficient solution for all.

Complex Routes

Complex Routes

Effortlessly Set Up Complex Routes: Our feature allows you to create routes with multiple stops and schedules, including up to two step-overs for optimal flexibility.

Tailored Pricing

Tailored Pricing

Tailor your ticket prices for journeys between distinct locations, such as from Location A to Location B, ensuring each route is priced optimally according to its unique demand and operational costs.

Discount Management

Demographic Discounts

Sophisticated discount management features that allows you to set up tailored discounts for different demographics such as pensioners, students, and children.


Refund Features

Comprehensive refund features that allows you to set up a refund policy, including the option to charge a fee for ticket refunds.



Create time-sensitive percentage promotions, specifically tailored for different demographics such as students, pensioners, children, or standard fare passengers.

Point of Sale

POS with Cash-Up and Reconciliation

Our POS allows consultants to perform efficient cash-ups while enabling managers to reconcile and balance these transactions with ease.

Driver App

Driver App

App for your drivers to ease check-in of customers, adding of extras and taking payments.

Crafted for Shuttle and Bus Services, by Experts

Crafted by experts with a deep understanding of bookings and ticketing. It is tailored to address the unique challenges and requirements of Shuttle and Bus service providers, providing a comprehensive and intuitive solution.

All-In-One Platform

Effortless Ticket Management

Seamless Booking Experience


During your free trial, we will schedule a meeting to discuss our pricing options and collaborate to find a plan that will support your business growth.

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